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Civil War Stanhope Bullet with 3 Views - Gettysburg PA
Civil War Stanhope Bullet - Gettysburg PA - 3 View Stanhope

Civil War Stanhope Bullet with 3 Views - Gettysburg PA

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This civil war stanhope commemorative bullet was a tourist souvenir that could be purchased in Gettysburg's tourist spots from the end of the Civil War (circa 1870) through the early 1900's. The bullet is of the .54 - 58 caliber sort and it has three bands around the bottom. This civil war bullet has been distorted and possibly chewed on long ago. It measures 1" tall and 5/8" wide. The stanhope viewer boasts a vintage microphoto showing three views from Gettysburg, Pa. The views include General Lee's headquarters with a small oval photo of him, a battle scene from Picketts charge, and the monument at Spangler's Mill. The view is titled GETTYSBURG, PA at the bottom of the view and is marked MADE IN FRANCE to the right the view. The views are titled as follows;

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I'm just curious why is the price so high on this bullet and why does it have small holes on the side Hello Keith, The bullet you have reviewed is called a stanhope bullet. The holes you are referring to is a single hole which was poked through the bullet in order to turn it in to a stanhope souvenir that would have been sold in Gettysburg, PA or Antietam, MD just after the end of the Civil War. A stanhope is a fixed-focus high-power microscope all contained within a single element lens. The photos inside are microscopic and in the case of this bullet, there are 3 microscopic photos all contained within 1 square millimeter. The lens magnifies the photo about 150x-160-x and can be clearly seen if you hold it to hour eye and peep through the hole. The detail of the photos is always quite amazing if the stanhope is in good condition as this one is. Such bullets were cleaned up from those battlefields and used to make the souvenir bullet(s) you see here. The $250 price tag is moderate in comparison to some which can cost upwards of $1500 due to the rarity and condition of the stanhope image. Many examples of these rare bullets have deteriorated and the photos are no longer discernible.
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