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Celluloid Conglomerate Barrel Stanhope shows Niagara Falls
Celluloid Niagara Falls Barrel Pendant

Celluloid Conglomerate Barrel Stanhope shows Niagara Falls

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This stanhope pendant or charm is in the shape of a figural barrel. It's made of what seems to be a type of early plastic, bakelite or celluloid. It looks almost like conglomerate stone. The photo shows one image of the Niagara Falls and has the title "Souvenir of Niagara Falls" accompanying it. Barrels have long been associated with Niagara Falls as many people have challenged the falls by drifting over in a barrel. This began in the 19th century and many have lost their lives over the years. Most of the souvenir jewelry from Niagara Falls dates to the late 19th and early 20th century and it is generally made of satin-spar which is a type of feldspar commonly referred to as moonstone. It was locally mined in that area at that time. This barrel is a nice piece to wear or collect.

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