Rare 9ct Gold Hallmark Stanhope Camera Charm with Views of London Opens & Moves

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Vintage & Rare 9ct Yellow Gold Stanhope Camera Charm London Souvenir both opens and moves.

Superb condition and extremely rare 9ct yellow gold stanhope charm in the shape of a camera was a London souvenir made in 1963. It's about 2cm wide & 1.7cm tall when closed. It is hinged like a locket to allow opening of the embossed camera back. Opening the back of the camera reveals a tiny roll of developed photos which can be seen and viewed through the glass bezel window when closed. Turning either of the knurled wheels on the bottom of the camera will move the film roll in either direction revealing more photos. The views on the film roll include photographic images of buildings and statues, one of which appears to be the Eros statue in Piccadilly square. The camera view finder is home to the stanhope lens featuring 5 views of London.

The stanhope shows 5 views of popular and famous landmarks in London. It is titled "LONDON" at the top and the individual images are titled as follows:

     The Strand
     The Law Courts
     London Bridge
     St. Paul's Cathedral
     The Buckingham Palace

This stanhope camera charm is extremely rare and in excellent condition.
A similar charm sold on eBay in 2014. It was in good condition but the glass bezel protecting the film roll was missing.
Click Here to see that charm. 

Material: 9ct gold with square glass bezel
Hallmark: London 1963
Country: England
Period: 1963
Weight: 7.6g
Size: About 2cm wide, 1.7cm tall
Condition: Excellent

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