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Making your stanhopeBy hand-creating each stanhope lens individually, our award winning artisans will transform your favorite photo into a stunning keepsake that will be marveled at for generations to come. Just 2-3 millimeters in diameter, our stanhope lenses magnify over 160 times to provide a crystal clear view of the microscopic photo. The tiny size allows them to be mounted in just about anything & nobody but you will even know it's there! Great in Jewelry & other personal items. Now you can have your favorite photo with you everywhere you go.

Customize your Stanhope Keepsake Today!
You'll find all of our micro-image products as well as a complete department loaded with useful & collectible items in which to mount your stanhope. Our store is uniquely designed to allow you to completely customize any product & you can even send us your own favorite photo or other image right from your computer when you order! Our technicians are always happy to aid you in the design and layout of your own stanhope image or item. We provide you with everything you need...........and the possibilities are Limitless!

Stanhope MicroWorks USA offers 100's of Original Antique Stanhopes!
ATTENTION COLLECTORS! There are many Antique Stanhopes available in our store. All of the items in this department are the output of previous producers who no longer exist and you will find examples spanning a period from about 1860 to 1970. Some of them are among the more common items that were abundantly produced while others are considered to be quite rare pieces.

We Buy Sell Repair Appraise Fine Vintage & Antique Stanhope Peeps & Specialize in the Making of Personalized Custom Photo Stanhope Lenses

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1958 Anheuser Busch Corkscrew Advertising Pocketknife
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Antique Brass Boot Shoe With Chimney Rock Wisconsin Stanhope
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Custom Image Stanhope Microphotographic Jewels - Rochard Type
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Hollow Coin Jefferson Nickel with Concealed Ivanovich Abel KGB Spy Cipher
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US Cold War Microdot Film Camera Model MK VR
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